On The Light Side


By Rikesh Chauhan My first cigar experience was quite picturesque. My father and I were on the rooftop of a restaurant in Singapore just before sunset, drinking Old Fashioneds, when...

A beautiful box of Trinidad Cuban Cigars.


EGM博客重新审视了我们的系列文章,介绍了您最喜欢的古巴雪茄marcas背后的故事和历史。 在此版本中,我们看一下特立尼达。

Diego Maradona enjoys a Cohiba Cuban Cigar at a match in Russia


By Nick Hendry Diego Armando Maradona is a name known all over the world for his achievements in football, yet far fewer people are aware of his passion for Cuban...

Cigars with a variety of cigar bands


By Nick Hendry  So much of our world of Cuban Cigars is enveloped in romantic mystery and the bands that dress every stick to come from Havana are no different.  Popular...

Zenith El Primero Cohina Edition


By Aaron Sigmond    Cuban Cigar smokers tend to be wristwatch enthusiasts—some even outright collectors. Not all, mind you. But many, in much the same way that cigar and watch...